From TDMN: Mike Rawlings’ hosting skills impress fellow mayors at conference

June 23, 2014

As the U.S. Conference of Mayors closed on Monday, attendees said the four-day event raised the profile of Dallas and Mike Rawlings — an opportune time as the mayor enters the final year of his first term in office.

Within weeks, he will contemplate whether to run for a second four-year term.

“I don’t know if the man is going to run again or not, but America will not be as good if he doesn’t run, and certainly Dallas will be all the better if he does,” said Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA All-Star and the current president of the mayors organization.

On the final day of the summer conference at the Omni Dallas Hotel, the group voted on policies to advocate before Congress and the White House.

In addition to resolutions on transportation, the environment, business, health, jobs and immigration, a special one was added to give thanks to Rawlings and the city.

The 235 mayors who registered to attend is higher than usual for their summer conference, which meets in a different city every year, officials said. This was the first summer gathering to be held in Dallas since 1966.

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