From TDMN: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings evaluating re-election run

August 26, 2014

Mike Rawlings said Tuesday that he has started the process of determining whether he wants a second term as Dallas mayor.

Days removed from hip replacement surgery, Rawlings said that he’s had one extensive conversation with his wife about a re-election campaign and has also talked to his business partners. Now he’s going through some of his projects and initiatives before taking the next month or two to make a final decision…

…The former Park Board chairman and city homeless czar would almost certainly win re-election next year, with only light opposition.

At a time when the city faced a recession and nagging problems with revitalizing downtown and the city’s southern side, Rawlings has presented initiatives to address those issues and increase city accountability.

The mayor’s programs include his GrowSouth initiative for southern Dallas, as well as his crusade against domestic violence. Under the Rawlings’ watch, the city’s budget stabilized.

Supporters, including many Dallas business leaders, want Rawlings to serve at least one more term. They say his presence would assure that his programs continue. He would anchor a City Council that will have six new members in June.

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