Great City, Great Basics

Mayor Rawlings understands that great cities are built on a foundation of great basic services. That means smooth street to take us where we need to go, parks and green spaces that enhance our quality of life, and police and fire protection that keep our families safe.

Our Schools, Our Future

A good Mayor can’t sit back and be silent on education. It’s an issue that touches us all, and impacts our children, our economy and our future. As our Mayor, Mike Rawlings has been at the forefront of the education issue, actively leading for better schools – and working to ensure that all Dallas schoolchildren have the opportunity for the kind of education that can change their life for the better.

Balance On The Trinity

The decision we make today on the Trinity Project will affect our city for generations to come. That’s why we can count on Mayor Rawlings to take a thoughtful, balanced approach that will bring both sides together to re-think this project in a manner that fulfills our transportation needs without compromising the quality of our parks.

Developing Southern Dallas

Building the Dallas of our future means living up to our true potential, especially the potential of Southern Dallas. That’s why Mayor Rawlings launched GrowSouth, an aggressive initiative to attract new growth to the south. As our Mayor, he will continues to pursue investment and growth, and work to ensure that our city is providing opportunity for all of our citizens to succeed.

Building Trust

Every good relationship begins with trust, and that holds true for the bond between our citizens and City Hall. As our Mayor, Mike Rawlings is continually working to provide honest leadership, transparency and accountability – and making sure that the best interest of our taxpayers and families are at the heart of every decision.