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As part of Mayor Rawlings’ GrowSouth project, he and will work with city leaders, business owners and developers to execute a plan to revitalize Southern Dallas. One of the core principles of GrowSouth is changing the image of Southern Dallas idea is to clean up the trash, raze vacant homes and strengthen the neighborhoods with affordable housing in Southern Dallas to make it a more attractive area in which to live. One of the biggest challenges is to make Southern Dallas appealing to home builders. With the housing market in recovery, builders are looking to build in “proven” neighborhoods to regain losses they’ve been hit with in recent years.

Mayor Rawlings understands this challenge and is planning to make Southern Dallas attractive to home builders. Efforts to lure home builders to the area also include plans to improve the infrastructure, including transit-oriented developments and developments on Main Street in North Oak Cliff. According to Mayor Rawlings, “If we do these projects well, that will be the springboard for growth in Southern Dallas; home builders will knock down the door to come in.”

Dallas is becoming a great city. There are many signs of that happening. We have a vibrant business community that is succeeding and growing even as the rest of the nation struggles. Our downtown is coming alive with increased convention and visitor’s business and the excitement of a world-class arts district. And over the next year, we will complete and open key projects like the Belo Garden, the Woodall Rodgers Deck
Park, Perot Museum, City Performance Hall and the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that will redefine our city. As a city we have great challenges on our “to-do” list and that item is to leverage our single biggest  untapped resource and turn it into an annuity that will pay dividends to our city and citizens for generations to come—we must smartly develop Southern Dallas.

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We are blessed to live in a great city. And we are blessed to have the opportunity to make a good thing even better. I am humbled by the confidence that has been placed in me by the voters of Dallas … their will and support only fuels our vision and strengthens my resolve to make sure that we do all we can to help our great city realize its true potential. Thank you for your support. Thank you for caring about our city. Now it’s time to come together and make our vision for Dallas a reality.

Mike Rawlings
Mayor-Elect, City of Dallas



Thank you to the Dallas Police Association (DPA) and the Dallas Fire Fighters Association (DFFA) for their endorsement of the Mike Rawlings campaign! Here is what leaders for the two organizations had to say about why they chose to back Mike Rawlings over his opponent:

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Say Rawlings is the business leader we need for jobs, growth & opportunity in all of Dallas

(Dallas – June 1, 2011) Today, over a dozen current & former Dallas City Councilmembers endorsed Mike Rawlings for Mayor.

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Former mayoral candidate Ron Natinsky announces his endorsement of Mike Rawlings, saying:

“We need a strong leader at City Hall, and Mike Rawlings is the right person for the job. Mike has the vision and skills to put the team together to keep our citizens safe and to make certain the City provides top-quality city services while protecting our taxpayers.”

Thank you to Ron Natinsky for his support!


Dear Loyal Supporters,

Thank you to each and every one of you for your hard work and support of our  campaign. We’ve spent the last 90 days spreading our message of a  stronger Dallas built on a more efficient city government, economic growth and better schools. It’s a message that is clearly resonating  with voters, as we had a clear lead over the other three candidates in  the race, finishing with 41% of the vote.

But our work for a better Dallas is not done yet.

The run-off started Saturday night at 10 pm, and we will be working hard over the next 34 days to continue spreading our vision for Dallas.

Thank you for all you have done, and thank you in advance for your help over  the next five weeks. Together, we can finish what we have started in the June 18 run-off election, secure a victory and make sure Dallas’ best  days are still ahead.

To Victory!


Tomorrow, May 14, is Election Day!

I want to say thank you to all of my supporters – everyone who has called friends, walked their neighborhood, put a sign in their yard or gave a word of encouragement over the past few months.

A lot of people have been asking how they can help. Besides voting, you can help spread our message one last time. Please download The Dallas Morning News editorial endorsement below and send it to 10 of your friends, telling them why you are supporting me.

Click here to download the editorial endorsement as a PDF!

I could not have made it this far without your help. Thank you again so much.

Don’t forget to get out and vote tomorrow. Visit Dallas County Elections to find out your voting location!



As Mayor, I will be strong on ethics – also erring on the side of transparency because our citizens deserve that type of leader: the type of leader who will stand up for what’s right, especially when it comes to keeping our city honest. I recently sent out a brochure that outlines a recent change to the ethics policy, and why as Mayor, I would work immediately to restore the original ordinance and even strengthen it.

Where do you think the Mayor should stand on ethics?

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As I have said throughout my campaign, the Southern part of our city is prime for economic development and growth. The entire city of Atlanta could fit inside the Southern Sector. That means we have a duty as city leaders to create programs, public-private partnerships and leadership teams that will commit to making things happen.

Please take a moment to read a great article by Shawn Williams of Dallas South News. Shawn, myself, Ross Perot, Jr., and Willis Johnson took some time to go up in a helicopter and tour Southern Dallas. Let me know what you think:

Mike Rawlings Helicopter Tour of Southern Dallas




Ron Kirk and Roger Staubach, two dedicated Dallas leaders, took the time to record powerful and informational radio spots about why they are supporting Mike Rawlings in his campaign for Mayor of Dallas. Please take a moment to listen to each below:

Ron Kirk

Roger Staubach



On Friday, April 15, Mike Rawlings announced both a comprehensive plan for Southern Sector development and key endorsements from Southern Sector leaders.

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